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We are a third generation, family owned business serving Westchester County, NY since 1956. We are committed to providing expert personal service. Our family has over 70 years’ experience in the septic industry and our goal has always been to maintain your septic system by providing quality services including expert septic tank pumping and environmentally friendly septic products.

A Few septic hints:

  • Maintenance on your septic system can prevent possible damage to the soil and water in the ground around your home, and may extend the useful life of your system.

  • Don't use powdered soaps in the washer or dishwasher, this can create a buildup and has been the culprit to a back up problem in a lot of our service calls.

  • Over excessive use of toilet paper can cause some backups.

  • Even if it says it dissolves and is safe for septic's, it doesn't say how long it will take to dissolve!

  • BACKING UP - First thing to check ... uncover the inlet lid close to the home, if you can see the baffle, (it is the pipe coming from house plumbing into your tank, this is one of the most frequent places that cause a back-up in a home) Clear the buildup within the pipe area and you may just get flowing again with no money out of your pocket.

  • Don't use your toilet as a garbage can! If you put junk down the toilet, you will need to have the tank pumped more often!

  • Strong disinfectant, our suggestion would be to have your system checked regularly to ensure it is not killing the natural bacteria, which helps keep your system operating

  • Tank is full - Don't panic a septic tanks normal operating level is approx. 10 inches below ceiling of the tank. The pumping is determined by the amount of sludge and scum levels in the tank.

  • Having access risers on your septic compartment(s) can be a benefit to you. Backing up ... just uncover the lid and check to see if the baffle is plugged, many times we have been called out for emergency pumping, only to find that it is the inlet baffle plugged up.

  • No baby wipes, pre moist wipes, q-tips, female or male products, coffee grounds, don't rinse paint brushes and rollers, etc... Do not flush!

  • Excessive use of bleach can kill the good bacteria in your tank. Go easy on bleach in the laundry!

  • Drain cleaning products - using too often can upset the balance of a septic system

  • ​We are a full service septic consultant and offer all septic related services. We are the third generation of a family owned septic business in Westchester, NY